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Security, fraud, and identity theft risk management

International trade and limited recourse project finance

Commercial and political risk management.

Self-service, branch and other retail automation technologies (ATMs, EFT/POS, kiosks, online, mobile, omnichannel, ...)


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"James Trocmé, an Independent Global Consultant, started his career as a consultant and contractor in Washington D.C., in 1989. He then held various roles at Diebold, Inc. (now Diebold Nixdorf) from 1997 to 2013, leading software engineering, business development, product management, market research and competitive intelligence teams in the USA and Europe. He also served as senior vice president and global ATM channel manager at Citibank, providing strategic direction, omnichannel integration and product management guidance from 2013 to 2016, before founding EDIC."



A seasoned professional who provides different perspectives, with global cross-industry & cross-cultural knowledge. Experienced in competitive, and market intelligence to help you drive business innovation, diversification, growth & change management. He excels at building and training teams to gather vertical and horizontal intelligence for actionable use.

Pragmatic and adaptable to changing and new situations, technologies and markets with the ability to identify gaps, understand the voice of the customer, mobilize and build teams to harness your resources, improve processes, and leverage technology to help develop and deliver differentiated innovative solutions, products and services.

Highly articulate creative thinker, who understands the big 360-degree picture, how to connect the dots, and overcome operational and cultural challenges. Driving execution and implementing strategic change through communicating vision within and across organizations, geographic markets and corporate structures and cultures.

Blends technological literacy, business acumen & initiative to transform information & data into actionable intelligence. Communicates intelligibly to diverse internal & external audiences. A dynamic brand & vision advocate who interprets & simplifies complexity with clarity and purpose. Diplomatic and highly skilled at developing and leveraging key external and internal relationships at all executive, management and execution levels.

Global competitive and market intelligence process expert consultant with deep expertise in FinTech, banking, automation, payments technologies, software, services, security, fraud and risk management, as well as international trade, limited recourse project finance, commercial & political risk management.





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“James possesses a market intelligence for retail banking and the end user customer experience that is unusual for a business type. We worked together on a digital innovation project at Citi that would not have progressed as it did through the design phase if not for James's understanding of the technology challenges inherent to business's vision. James is a pleasure to work with - collaborative, open-minded and energetic.”

Nicholas Leibowitz
Global Client Executive

“I have worked with James for the past two years at Citi. James is an extremely talented professional with strong depth of knowledge in payments, financial services, customer.”

Sri Gangavaram
Software Development

“I rarely encounter an executive as visionary and practical as James was during the time we worked together at Citi. His deep understanding of both legacy and emerging technologies combined with unparalleled empathy for the customer experience made it a pleasure to work with him and see the possibilities of mobile and ATM convergence. He has a passion to do what is meaningful over what is simply convenient - and I would work with him again anyway.”

Patrick Wesonga
Digital Product Innovation

“I have known James for more than 10 years and worked with him for 3 years at Citi. James is a consummate professional, with a tremendous depth of knowledge in financial services and ATMs. He is detail-oriented yet has a remarkable ability to see the big picture - and communicate effectively with everyone from junior engineers to senior executives. As a strong problem solver he is an asset in product innovation, new business development, and product line management.”

Peter Kulik
Global ATM at Citi

“James has a deep understanding of the ATM and Self-service device industry, always looking for innovation and trying to change the status quo to provide better value/services to the customers. He has a unique issue solving oriented mentality that makes a clear difference in solving issues and creating a better customer experience. From my experience in working with James one of his best skills is the way he relates to other people, treating everybody with respect, maintaining good relationships at all levels and always showing a ready to help aptitude.”

Ferdinand Vial
Project Manager at Citigroup

“James brings deep and broad knowledge with an easiness that is quickly understood to pretty much every topic we discuss. Specific to Citi, he was able to provide outside industry knowledge and leverage his relationships to produce product innovations that were well received internally and externally. A pleasure to work with and trustworthy colleague.”

Erwin Catindig

“I had the pleasure of working with James and discussing various aspects of ATM strategy with him. In addition to his understanding of the evolving global ATMs markets, James is also knowledgeable about payments trends and technology around the world. He can also provide technical, business and industry expertise on a wide variety of solutions, including consumer advocacy and fraud education and prevention advocacy.”

Ed O'Brien
Director, Banking Channels Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

“James has a rare gift in that he uses his considerable experience and knowledge to see the possibilities in what exists and open his mind to innovation and disruptive ideas. Rather than having preconceived notions of what will or won't work, James understands the "why" behind what exists and uses that knowledge to find disruption. Coupled with his ability to bridge the theoretical to the practical, he is able to drive tangible results when others are still analyzing. For these talents and many more that others have cited, I can highly recommend James for any number of senior leadership positions.”

Frank Natoli
Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Diebold

“I know James for more than 15 years and have witnessed his success in different domains like SW engineering management, global sales/marketing/business development and market/competitor intelligence. His deep expertise in the Financial Services market combined with his sharp focus, superb cross-cultural communication skills and strong leadership qualities drives him to exceptional results. If the right opportunity presents itself, it will be with the greatest of pleasures I’ll work with him again. I provide the strongest recommendation on a personal and professional level.”

João Portugal
Executive | Global Operations | Professional Services | Business Strategy | Change Leadership

“I have known James and worked directly and indirectly with him for over 15 years. During all this time I developed a profound respect for his professionalism and seasoned knowledge of the banking technology industry and how he brought his broader experience of market and competitive intelligence into play. Among his major professional assets I find his leadership and versatility to adapt to any given business situation. He is energetic, and positive and always maintains his composure even under high pressure. James understands complex topics and manages explain them in simpler and clear terms to achieve results and customer recognition. I highly recommend James for his knowledge, professionalism and high ethical standards.”

Hugo Montiel
Central Sales Senior Advisor - Product Line Banking Software at Diebold Nixdorf

“James is an inspiring leader full of energy with an extremely good sense to spot the “hidden gems” within people. I loved both working for him and with him especially during the integration of Olivetti and Bull into Diebold. His foreign language skill as well as his diplomacy helped to join all. I would welcome the opportunity to work with James again anytime.”

Peter Cools
Senior Sales Specialist Banking at Wincor Nixdorf

“James has always had a sharp business outlook and a strong comprehension of what the market really wanted. His accume and highly professional approach to business have made it a pleasure to know and work with him. His knowledge of the Global ATM scenario is second to none.”

Frank Monaco
President & Lead Consultant at NTC-New Technology Consultants

“James is one of the brightest and most resourceful people I have worked with during my career. He absorbs new information very fast and finds unique methods to solve complex challenges. He has extensive global knowledge that enables him to work very well across cultures. He works with a very diplomatic style, giving him excellent interpersonal relationship skills. I always appreciated the unique perspective James offered.”

Ken Justice
Senior Vice President, ATM Executive at PNC

“I was the CEO of a young high-tech company when I met with James. I was impressed by his openness to new technologies, but even more by his ability to envision how they could be leveraged smoothly within a large corporation. The quality of his personal interface as well as his leadership enable him to connect with very diverse people in no time, and a natural bridge-builder, he creates collaborative and result-oriented teams.”

Marylene Delbourg-Delphis
Advisor to the Board at AXON IVY

“James is a great leader. I have known him for sometime and he has always shown amazing leadership skills: Great strategist, can see the big picture, an outstanding problem solver. Working with him was a great experience.”

Mike van der Kamp
Marketing Director at Kisiwa Tech

“I worked with James for over 2 years during setup and stablization of India Development Center for Diebold. He is very articulate, versatile, sensitive and culturally aware. James has a strong blend of business knowledge, technology skills and communications power. He believes in building, empowering and motivating a team. While he sets the the big picture and allows the team the freedom to have a creative dig, he is there as a coach/mentor. An excellent person to work with.”

Jagdish Prasad
Co-Founder at Saarthi Solutions

“James is a creative leader with the ability to envision unique solutions for complex problems. He is skilled at gaining support across groups of collegues for implementing changes and making improvements.”

April Warstler
Independent Human Resources Professional

“James is extremely knowledgeable within the eCommerce environment. He has the ability to provide technical and industry expertise for a wide variety of solutions and is great Customer and industry advocate.”

Terri Willis
Payments Design and Architecture

“James is an outstanding professional, a strategic thinker and a great leader. I have always been astonished by his professionalism, his knowledge of the banking market and his management style. He has an extensive international and multilingual experience with a very a solid technology background. He has a proven record of building and managing teams in complex environment.”

Xavier Wartelle
GM at PRIME and CEO at French Tech Hub

“James has developed a unique combination of abilities in marketing, strategic thinking as well as objective and result based development management in a very competitive activity. He sets the big picture and dives into the technicalities of complex networked mechantronic equipment and software. He has a very open mind to innovative architectures and concepts. He has an excellent human relations.”

Paul Friedel
Directeur / Dean at Télécom Bretagne

“James is a seasoned global leader with proven success in a number of disciplines. Over several years I witnessed his results: M&A integration, SW development center start-up, global sales/marketing/business development strategies, and in-depth market/competitor intelligence operations. His keen intellect, a rare ability to connect seemingly disparate data points, and tremendous cross-cultural communications and team building skills drive his achievements. In an ever flattening yet increasingly complex marketplace, enterprises require leaders like James that can harness the energy of teams, technology, and ideas while delivering solid value to customers and stakeholders.”

Daniel Mossop
Director - Information Technology - Asia Pacific Region at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

“I worked closely with James when he led the Global Software Systems Engineering organization at Diebold. He sets highgoals for quality, has superb communication skills, and is well respected among his peers. James led the greenfield startup of Diebold's India Development Center and its Board of Directors. He achieved outstanding results in this role, creating the strategies, communicating with Senior Management, and working the fine details and execution. I highly respect James and enjoyed working with him.”

Kevin Newton
Vice President, R&D and Program Management

“James has always exhibited a unique way of looking at things. He does not accept the status quo if it deserves to be challenged and always strives to find workable answers/solutions.”

Mark Rechner
Marketing Communications Project Manager at Swagelok

“I have known James since 1992, when he was working in Washington D.C. I have always been impressed by his ability to leverage both knowledge and intuition to research and report on a wide variety of international business, global economic, and technological topics. He absorbs and assimilates new information with ease and is able to see and connect dots while others are still looking. When James does not know or understand a topic, he relishes in investigating and researching it to produce actionable business insights and market intelligence foresights.”

Arlin Pedrick
Director in Global Security at Walmart

“James has been a colleague, a customer, and someone that I have counted on since we met 20 years ago. His level of insight and global knowledge of the self-service business is undeniably remarkable. Thinking "outside of the box" is truly an understatement when it comes to James due to his uncanny ability to marry technology with market behavior to yield the most strategic business outcome.”

Cleopatra Mavredis
Marketing Manager, Cash Solutions & Self-service Channel Management at NCR Corporation



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Principal Executive Consultant

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